Apostle John Goodnews

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Apostle John Goodnews is a man of God born with passion to eliminate the devil out of every area of human life as God’s purpose and excellence is established in their lives. He started Ministering at a young age of 6 years with an outstanding anointing and prophetic mantle. From that time God has used him to dismantle satanic alters, burn down idol, bring cultists into salvation and to shut down satanic campaigns of different sorts, in Nigeria where he was born and in other areas of the world.

At that tender age, through his Ministry, witchcraft powers were arrested, all manners of sicknesses and diseases were healed, miracles of various kinds including nature and creative miracles were wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In some of his meetings, people rushed out the church after seeing the power of God at work, discharged their sick folks from the hospitals they had admitted them in, brought them to the meeting venue maimed, lame and in kinds of medical condition, where they got healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The story of his birth is so profound and prophetic .This makes it so clear that he is a sent servant of God with a message of liberation followed by strong prophetic and supernatural manifestation to bring men out of obscurity into the place of God’s fullness and glory.