Children’s Ministry

Children are the heart of God. He says ‘bring the children unto me…’

The Kings Domain children’s church is a well-established ministry with teachers who are well-grounded in the Word of God. The emphasis in this ministry is the bible foundation because the Word instructs that we train the children in the ways of the Lord and when they are grown, they will not depart from it. The children’s ministry therefore is run by teachers, under the close observation and direction of Papa, Apostle John Goodnews, who are deeply founded on the principles of the Word of God and who esteem love, faith and the fear of the Lord primarily in their own lives. Furthermore, these teachers have a deep conviction and a love for children so much so that they tirelessly seek strategies that would effectively train the children who come to Kings Domain these same winning principles in the Word.

Children’s ministry is divided into two categories; those between the age 2 – 5 and 6 – 11 years. The realisation that the success of next generation depends on the input given to these children, and the overwhelming love for the salvation of the young souls propels the ministry to structure its teachings in an organised way that develop the children from one stage to the next building on the previously taught foundation. Children are encouraged to practice the teachings in church, at home and in their school environment and they further encouraged to share what they learn with their parents. The older children share their thoughts on ways they can implement what they have learned and with the help of their teachers, they indeed get clarity from the Word of God.

The Apostle John Goodnews, the umbrella cover for this ministry, occasionally take time to minister to the children in the Sunday school with prayers, ministration and the Word. If you are wondering how to teach your child the Truth in the Word of God, or are seeking a place for your child to be nourished with food that will transform his/her mind, you have found the right place at the Kings Domain Children’s Church!