Naomi’s Network is a singles ministry especially designed to bring the single to the point of excellence all round. This ministry enriches the single men and women with the powerful, profound and holistic message of the Word of God causing them to develop not only spiritually but financially, in their countenance and mentally, in preparation for their majestic entry into prosperity all the way to marriage.

At Naomi’s Network meetings you will ask all the questions about anything appertaining to relationships, business and life. The knowledge and skills entrenched into your life will make you a formidable woman of virtue and a man of valor enticing to your peers, and a commander of respect in your generation. The focus of Naomi’s Network  is to bring out the hidden beauty that God put in you. Like a flower, you will bloom under the sweet fragrance of the Word released by Papa, Apostle John Goodnews, the founder and overseer of Kings Domain ministry.

As a radiant and ruddy man you will be totally prepared for the delightful love of a young gazelle. As polished as ivory, outstanding among ten thousands of men shall you be when you gain the wisdom of Papa concerning who you were created to be as a man. Indeed more than a delight to your husband, you will become, beautiful to behold and a treasure to be protected will she become, upon listening to the secret wisdom.

Naomi’s Network is indiscriminately open for all; those who were once in a marriage relationship and are not anymore as well as those who are single parents.

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you ~ Eccl 4:7