Where Kings meet Kings and All meet Christ The King


The Kings’ Domain sanctuary is housed on the 3rd floor of Ngara Shopping Complex in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. As you enter into the beautified sanctuary, you are greeted with angelic smiles from beautiful greeters in adorable uniforms. Past the greeters you meet the glorious ushers, all dressed up in gorgeous apparels, with more smiles and their hands wide open, leading you to executive seats where you will sit comfortably and receive the revitalizing Message of God.
The Resonance, who are the most upcoming talented singing group in Nairobi, navigate your thoughts away into paradise through their melodious praises and worship. As you are lost in your words and songs of praise and worship to the King of Kings, the mightily graced and highly favoured man of God, Apostle John Goodnews majestically walks to the pulpit and takes you into another deeper level of praise and worship that you can’t resist your spirit from bursting forth into the realm of Kingdom reality (the glory of the father).
Now your spirit is hungry for more of God and there comes the word, delivered powerfully by the eloquent, blessed man of God. At the end of the service you are so full of the word of God, you feel so blessed, so full of God and light of all affliction.
What an experience? Indeed it is a church with a difference.
Kings Domain began as house fellowships in August 2010 in Nairobi.
On 8th May 2011 the Church held its first Sunday service with only 38 members in the congregation and now has grown and continues to grow in Africa and other parts of the world including the USA.


  • Excellence
  • The revelation of God’s Word
  • The manifestation of God’s Glory
  • The language of faith
  • A winning mindset


Raising a people of glory and global impact.


Bringing men from all over the world into Kingship and Glory through the Revelation of the Word and the Manifestation of the gifts of The Holy Spirit.

These dreams are being fulfilled because they are inspired by God!

Kings Domain Pastors

Learn More about the vessels that God uses to carry His mandate In Kings Domain.
Meet our pastors:

Grace Kung’u


Grace Kung'u is a pastor at Kings Domain Kenya.

Mary Mugweru


Mary Mugweru is a pastor at Kings Domain Kenya.

Apostle John Goodnews


Apostle John Goodnews is a man of God born with passion to eliminate the devil out of every area of human life as God’s purpose and excellence is established in their lives. He started Ministering at a young age of 6 years with an outstanding anointing and prophetic mantle. From that time God has used him to dismantle satanic alters, burn down idol, bring cultists into salvation and to shut down satanic campaigns of different sorts, in Nigeria where he was born and in other areas of the world.

Jennifer Maina


Jennifer Maina is a pastor at Kings Domain Kenya.

Pastor Dr. Maina


Dr. Maina is a pastor at Kings Domain Kenya.

Where Kings meet Kings and All meet Christ The King


We are loving enough to know you and caring enough to serve you


Kings Domain Kenya, Nairobi Sanctuary,
3rd Floor Ngara Shopping Complex,

Sunday Services

Youth/1st service – 8:00 am to 9:30 am
2nd service 9:30 am to 11:30 am
3rd service 11.30 am to 1.00 pm

Word at Work  and Communion Service

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm


The Partners and Vision Carriers of Glory Realm International Ministries are the backbone and pillars of the Ministry and are co-laborers in the work of Christ in the Ministry. In partnering with and carrying forth the vision of the Ministry, you distinguish yourself as an individual committed to ‘bringing men from all over the world into kingship and glory through the revelation of the Word and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.’

When you make a commitment to partner with Glory Realm International Ministries, you enter into a covenant relationship with the God and hence reap the blessings received from serving God as illustrated in the numerous scriptures in the bible.
You are welcome to partner with Glory Realm International Ministries. Please send us an email at for more information.