Papa’s Appreciation

A father is a source, a protector, a defender. Papa’s appreciation day is an eagerly awaited once a year event that carries profound meaning to the members of Kings Domain. To a majority of them, Apostle John Goodnews has been more than just a father. He has been a mentor, a teacher, a counsellor, a prophet and indeed a friend, who has helped many from the defeated lives they once had, to a winning lifestyle they currently enjoy. It is with utmost humility and gratitude to God that Kings Domain set aside this glorious event to appreciate, God’s gift of Papa John Goodnews to the sons and daughters of the ministry. This event is crowned with gifts in the form of songs, poems and heartfelt testimonies of what it means to have Papa in our lives. To some who have never had an experience of a loving earthly father, Papa has been the father they recognise and embrace.

During papa’s appreciation day, King’s Domain sons and daughters take personal opportunity to publicly declare their love and appreciate to Papa in style. Groups such as families, friends and ministry departments are not left out. With pomp and music, dancing and shouting, there is celebration in acknowledgement of the spiritual authority God has instituted over them.

On the other hand, this occasion is Papa’s long awaited opportunity to release a father’s blessing to his children. The Apostle John Goodnews takes time to incubate in the presence of God in preparation for the release of apostolic blessing to the church. Being a gracious father, the Apostle John Goodnews pours out his heart towards his children with blessing of all that God has given him as a servant of God to his beloved children in the ministry. He further makes profound prophetic declarations that change the spiritual and physical atmosphere in the world of his children. Not only do the children benefit, as has been the case over the years, the children go ahead and invite friends, colleagues and family members to the service.

Papa’s appreciation day is a blessed event and an honour to God who gives fathers after His own Heart.