Did you know that music has the power to draw the soul?

That is why you need to sit in the presence of the Lord worshiping together with the Resonance as they lead you in heavenly music!

The Resonance is a group of splendidly looking men and women, who love the Lord with their voices as they seek to worship Him with their whole beings. Their soul is poured out to the Lord in songs of praises and in reverence for who He is and what He has done. In the presence of the Lord, they lift up breathtaking voices to the Lord with all of their hearts. There is no sickness, no pain or infirmity that can stand when the presence of the Lord overwhelmingly covers the sanctuary during the time for worship with the Resonance.

Join the resonance and your soul will be inevitably be nourished, fulfilled and cheered as the Lord inhabits the praises of His people.

If you ever want to behold His beauty, His glory, His power and His majesty, be part of the Resonance and indeed where your soul has never reached you will reach and experience the loving touch of the Master.

The Resonance are a gifted people in music, instruments, whose skills have been natured and refined to the level where they command praise in the multitude. You too can learn to be a worshiper if you desire it by joining this team and you will see your life transformed through worship.