• I thank God for this ministry. When I first came to Kings Domain, I never believed that someone can be delivered. It was on Wednesday deliverance service when the man of God was anointing people. He told me that I had a veil of rejection. This was true since I had been retrenched and all my savings I used to educate my daughter who in return rejected me. I was borrowing to survive; even I used to beg for food. In this situation my siblings would not to help me out. .After Apostle John Goodnews prayed for me, he told me that in 17 days I will see a miracle in my life. The following day God revealed to me that there is a business I should do. I didn’t have capital so I knelt down and prayed to God. Each call I made I got money and had enough capital for the business. Now I can say confidently that I don’t beg anymore. The 17th day was ending on Easter and the same day God honored His word. My daughter who wasn’t talking to me came, did shopping for me and life has changed in my house completely. I give God all the glory.

  • Praise the Lord, I had an accident one year ago that injured my knees. The injury keeps recurring now and then. As I was coming to church I was in much pain. While the service was going on, the power of God was so strong on me. My both knees were bandaged, so I took them off. The pain is totally gone. My knees are perfectly healed; now I can walk well, jump and run to the glory of God.

  • Praise God. My name is Joel I’m 53 years old. I have been having neurological condition since I was born. After apostle John Goodnews prayed for me I am totally healed. I just want to say thank you Lord.

  • Praise God, I came to Kings Domain during one of the Wednesday deliverance services to be healed and delivered. Today I’m so glad that God did it. I had suffered ulcers and arthritis for 10 years. After the man of God prayed for me I got instant healing. The pain I was feeling disappeared completely. God healed me of arthritis and ulcers. Now I can eat what I couldn’t eat. I thank God for taking this burden away from me.

  • Praise God. I have been bleeding daily for the past 5 years. Since I started menstruating, the blood flow never ceased. It was critical, therefore I was on continuous medication to manage it. The medication was not effective so I went back to the hospital several times but the gynaecologist wasn't able to nab the problem. During the vigil in the month of October 2018 when the man of God was ministering to those who needed healing the hand of God was released upon me and there was a total turn around. The bleeding dried up instantly. I discontinued the medication that I was using since then yet I have been perfectly fine without even a drop of blood. Praise be to God!

    Healed of chronic blood flow condition
  • Praise Jesus. My name Is Sarah. I knew kings’ domain church through my friend. When I came here I had a problem, I went to the hospital and all the tests showed that I was pregnant, but when I did the ultrasound the doctor said there was nothing. Prior to that I had several miscarriages. When I came here Apostle John Goodnews ministered to me and told me after one month I should go back again for the ultrasound. To the glory of God my husband took me back to the hospital, they checked and saw a beautiful growing baby, very well and alive. I give glory to God

  • Praise the Lord. I came to this church one and half months ago. When I came here I was totally frustrated, my family was so messed up by the devil. My daughter was sick and my son, who was a high school principal was stricken with mental illness. He was hooked in drug abuse (alcohol and bhang) which caused him to lose his job. I had taken him to all rehabilitation centres but nothing was working. When I came to kings’ domain I shared my grievances with Apostle John Goodnews and what he told me was ‘DAVID IS GOING TO TEACH’’ and then he prayed for me. First of all I got healed of arthritis instantly then when I went back to see my son in the rehabilitation centre, he came running towards me and embraced me something he had never done since he got sick. He used not to bath but this time he was looking so clean. I want to say that the prayers I got in this place worked, my son has come back to himself. There was a board meeting with the director and all the principles in the constituency. At the end of it the director talked to David and told him that he’s going back to teach and his salary will be fully paid. The following week on Monday he resumed his job. I thank the Lord for healing my son and restoring his Job.