Worker’s Appreciation

Kings Domain has a majority of its workers as volunteers working in the various departments. These workers have whole-heartedly and cheerfully given themselves to ensure that the ministry is effective and efficient in achieving its mandate. The workers give of their resources in terms of time, knowledge and skills as well as finances towards the work of ministry. Over the last years, we have seen workers improving in their effort and commitment. As a result, the ministry has set aside the worker’s appreciation day at the end of each year in December.

In this colourful event, the most engaged and sacrificial worker is given a trophy of appreciation. In addition, departments that have exhibited high efficiency, teamwork and oneness are encouraged to continue to be more effective while others are motivated to come up with ways to be one in the work of ministry. Additionally in the worker’s appreciation event, workers engage in team building activities with indoor and outdoor games, word knowledge challenge. The climax of the workers’ appreciation is a sumptuous meal prepared by Papa and shared with love.

Kings Domain Ministry workers are excited to be part of the laborers God has and is using to raise kings. Indeed all workers attest to the spiritual growth they have experienced, the love they have known and the care they have received as a result of being a member of a department in the ministry. It is no wonder you will find an excited rejuvenated team of well-coordinated workers, beautifully suited and glowing with an extra ordinary enthusiasm that is contagious in Kings Doman.