Youth On Purpose International (YOPI) is the youth empowerment arm of John Goodnews Ministries International.
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Members of Glory Realm International Ministries, our invited guests and every young person present I bring you greetings from the throne of grace and love from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a historic day in John Goodnews International Ministries, the official inauguration of Youth On Purpose International (YOPI) and the first youth breakfast service of Kings Domain.YOPI was birthed out of a deep burden to rise as a voice, an emblem and a blue print for the young people. We live in a generation where the old grow older with what they are used to doing, having little or no consideration on who takes the baton. I believe that our leadership should consist of raising and grooming the future generation which in my observation of God’s agenda through various experiences and global Phenomenon, I am convinced beyond every iota of doubt that God is raising a new breed without greed in leadership both in the kingdom and in every sphere of life. This is my inspiration; this is my drive to see the young people rise and  take up leadership roles in churches, institutions and governments. 

To this end, I began a solo venture of inspiring, mentoring and raising the youth both in tertiary institutions, churches and other social groups alike from 2008 to date. Not moved or motivated by accolades but just to mention that much of that has been garnered both from simple appreciation of my impact in this area by individuals and small organizations to high profile awards from both renowned academic bodies and international organizations as well. 

Over the years, my burden for the youth factor has grown and produced passion which is being driven by vision. Let me at this juncture, intimate you with the vision, mission, objectives and Cor values of Youth on Purpose International (YOPI)


Raising and inspiring youth all over the world for exemplarily global leadership and exceptional achievements in every sphere of life. 


Having direct contact with the young people, inculcating values, purpose and vision and helping them realize their fullest potentials. 




• Commitment 

• Professionalism

• Integrity 

• Love 

• Focus 

• Consistency



• Networking forums with professionals and entrepreneurs and other like minded people.

    Knowledge generation and management 

  • Counseling and relationships 

• Capacity building the youth in leadership

• Mentoring youth; spiritually,socialy,economically and politically

 As I mentioned earlier that I have observed in the recent past, some global events and notable turn of things regarding the youth and global developments ranging from politics to economy, to spiritual undertakings. The youth are the majority in most African countries and are affecting and shaping political, economic, social and cultural processes in fundamental ways. The youth are beginning to find space in the competitive global landscape to exercise their skills, strength and implement their ideas. Good case in hand is the Kenyan polity where a good percentage of government jobs and business opportunities are constitutionally and carefully reserved for the youth. 

Having all these opportunities in our environment for the youth in mind, YOPI focuses on bringing young people together, building skills amongst them for excellence in all spheres of lives, stimulate them towards taking a good advantage of what is available to them and above all, create values that will put them on high and impeccable scale of leadership. 

YOPI’s ideologies are based on Christian Worldview and morality but fully ran and managed by very experienced and highly educated professionals.Glory Realm International Ministries, Kings Domain shall be a strong support and spiritual backbone of Yopi. Through our church ministry arms and branches, members of Yopi will be mentored, nurtured and groomed into spiritual giants in the Kingdom of God and great instruments in the hand of Christ. Thereby making them both great in God and great in the market place. We do not envisage spiritually healthy youth who are malnourished in the world. Rather we see spiritually outstanding Kingdom youths and impactful citizens of the world. Glory Realm shall play a major role of populating Yopi by automatically enrolling her members within the youth age bracket which is 18 to 35 into Yopi. 

YOPI is a global institution, therefore, it will be present in various nations of the world. Our first international branch will most likely be in the United States of America owing to the fact that our church ministry is already registered there and will soon become operational by the grace of God. 

Finally, I heartily welcome every young person here today aboard Youth on Purpose International and consequently, to Glory Realm International Ministries, Kings Domain not as a guest any more but as a member and a beneficiary of the goodness of God through YOPI. Our church officials are very much available and armed with knowledge concerning this international movement. Therefore, feel free to ask questions and be well guided as to which department in this YOPI breakfast service suits you well, should you want to join any of the service teams . Membership is simply by filling up the Kings Domain membership form for now which of course is without any charges. 

Just in case you require any career mentoring or spiritual assistance, please do let us know through any of our excellent service crews in the house. To the older guests in our midst today, I challenge you to get involved by inviting your family, neighbors friends and colleagues who are within the youth age bracket as you get along with us in Kings Domain in our other services scheduled for you. Pray for us and give us your good will as we relentlessly strive for excellence in this vision of making the youth a reliable and effective machinery in our families, institutions and nations respectively. 

It is now my pleasure to launch YOPI Kenyan chapter.

Thank you and God bless you! 

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The Vision, Mission and Objectives of YOPI are geared towards empowering the youths for the higher calling they have ahead of them of carrying on the legacy of  creating excellence in the world  and eradicating mediocrity and poverty.

YOPI provides channels that help the youths identify their God given talents,nurture and mentor them and provide opportunities for them to use their natural gifts to cause excellence in their lives and other people’s lives.

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For effective execution of its mandate, YOPI has various programmes through which it’s objectives are actualized.


In the bible, David danced until his rob dropped! We know how much blessed of a man David was. The secret was in the quality of praise that he offered to God!! Apostle Goodnews mentors the youths to dance and praise God in majestically and fearlessly.``Dance as though you were all alone with your dear loving King of Kings, without caring who is watching you. When praises go up, blessings come down,`` is one of his most famous quotes when he is addressing the youths.